Joan Wise Classics - MIXED WRESTLING

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592

   Jerry thinks that he can cheat on hot, sexy Alecia Ames, the little sex kitten that turns into a wild animal when Jerry accidentally whispers Brandi's name while making love! Jerry's pathetic apology does nothing to calm Alecia as she suddenly turns from passionate lover to a ruthless bitch.
   Jerry cannot stop the relentless attack as the smaller, shapely and very sexy blonde takes her revenge on this worthless cheater. There is nothing held back as Alecia slaps, punches, kicks and beats Jerry into submission. Unable to defend himself, Alecia begins his humiliation and total domination which builds gradually but steadily to the suffocating climax.
   Satisfied that Jerry is defenseless, Alecia takes great pride pounding her pussy and then her shapley ass on Jerry's face. It appears that Alecia is intent on forcing Jerry's face through the floor. Luckily, Jerry finds Alecia's panties and in a desperate attempt he uses the white panties as a weapon to strangle his lover until she loses consciousness.
   Now its Jerry's turn to celebrate as Jerry begins to lick Alecia all over as she lies unconscious and spread eagled on the floor.
   Jerry's party is interrupted by Brandi who suddenly appears and catches Jerry in the act as he is really going to town licking Alecia like candy. Brandi is outraged, and Jerry becomes a two time loser as Brandi teaches Jerry that cheaters pay a very high price. Brandi whips Jerry around the floor until he is totaly exhausted. With the sneer of a victorious lioness, Brandi begins her domination with cruel, long and suffocating front and rear face sitting.
   You can hear Jerry gasping for air and watch the life being snuffed from his body. Miraculously Brandi turns her attention to Alecia who is moaning semi-conscious and totaly nude on the floor. With a vengance Brandi face sits Alecia into back into uncounsciousness.
   Brandi is not finished with either Jerry or Alecia and she demonstrates her control by first getting Alecia to help stomp, kick and spit on poor, helpless Jerry until he begs them to stop. As Jerry crawls off, a beaten man Brandi informs Alecia that it is her turn to taste what a real woman is like. The face sitting is tremendous as the two gorgeous women go at each other hot and heavy until the victor leaves the loser crying in a fetal position on the floor.
   Brandi must finish her humiliation of Jerry as she commands him to lick her toes, feet and ass. Satisfied that she is totally victorious Brandi walks off exclaiming, "Now this is where I came in!" Don't miss this super video on how to punish your man for cheating with the "other woman!"

480 x 360 wmv | 54 minutes | 173 megs | 18.95

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592 Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592

Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592 Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592

Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592 Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592

Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592 Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 592

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