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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 681

   Enter the world of Hot N Sexxy Fitness and Runway Model Team Up. Mona is a 5'10" Runway Model with legs that go on for miles. Where as Krystal is a gorgeous Blonde Fitness Model who has strength and performs some awesome stunts in this video. The women have come back from a party and are fighting about a man who has texted the both of them trying to get what he can get. A fight breaks out and the action begins. Both women strip each other down and a fight breaks out which is taken from the counch to the floor where incredible action takes place soon turning into erotic action. The girls are incredible hooked up together on the floor, they are loving each others' lean bods and perky breasts. Then Mona decides to hold Krystal up around her waist like a pile driver, showing off her long stream lined legs. Krystal then picks up Monaa in a front piggyback, bounces her in the air and they both retire to the couch in great kuddling.

1280 X 720 | WMV | 18 minutes | 419 megs | 18.95

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Video 682 Video 682

Video 682 Video 682

Video 682 Video 682

Video 682 Video 682

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