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::: Tracy vs Marie :::

::: by Joan Wise :::

::: Video 10 (VT056) :::

Video 10

 The beautiful 58" Tracy Turner, mean, strong and skilled, delights in torturing the poor little victim, 100 lb. Marie.
 Adorable little Marie is one tough cookie and can easily handle many larger women than she, but alas is no match for the bigger, strong blonde tigress.
 Tracy show she knows what wrestling domination is all about, as she methodically takes her struggling victim apart. First in a series a wrestling holds, followed by crushing body and head scissors and then lifting, carrying and throwing her around like a rag doll.
 And now the finisher punishing face sitting which leaves her victim batter and whimpering and badly in need of help.
 A sensational video complete with super breast smothers, crotch to crotch action, jarring breast smothers, as well as grabbing, biting and mauling of breast and crotch as Tracy goes to own and tortures her so much smaller victim, the adorable Marie.

30 minutes | 347 megs | 18.95

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Video 10 Video 10

Video 10 Video 10

Video 10 Video 10

Video 10 Video 10

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