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::: Treena Collins vs Belinda Belle :::

::: by Joan Wise :::

::: Video 12 (VT041) :::

Video 12

 How can a catfight between two incredibly sexy ladies be anything but a turn-on? This fight certainly succeeds as Belinda and Treena tangle over a club member who has been leading them both on.
 The battle begins with both “lookers” dressed in sexy clothing and high heels, but this doesn’t last long as before you know it’s slapping, hair-pulling and ripping and tearing off clothes ensues.
 The magnificent bare breasts of both of the beauties are exposed early on and is there ever great breast to breast as well as crotch to crotch action as both fighters prove they can dish out punishment as well as take it.
 Two sexy ladies want and getting a piece of each other using breast smothers, breast grabbing, furious fighting, slapping and punching, face sitting – it’s all here for cat fight fans.

30 minutes | 350 megs | 18.95

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Video 12 Video 12

Video 12 Video 12

Video 12 Video 12

Video 12 Video 12

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