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Video 15

 Having ridden with some of the toughest biker gangs in existence, pretty Brandy is no stranger to fighting. It's obvious that she loves to go to war, as she and incredible looking jaguar lady, Amber, lock horns, and everything else, in this turn-on matchup.
 Brandy is dynamite, and puts on a terrific display of muscles, strength, and skill as she destroys Amber, who is no slouch herself. Brandy is a tigress, as she goes right after her gorgeous opponent, and it's hard to see how she can be beaten, either in the street, or on the mat. Painful prolonged, scissors submissions make Amber cry in pain, and this drives Brandy to greater dominances, as she tortures her beaten victim. Telling her beaten challenger, "You're going to do what ever I tell you to do." turn-on Brandy plants her shapely bottom on the young blond beauty's face and head and face-sits to her heart's (or ass') content.
 Brandy is now very turned on, and orders poor Amber to "Show me your tongue, because I am going to make you eat me. Beaten and humiliated, Amber does as she is told, and kissing, licking and forced French drives Brandy to a level of ecstacy, in this terrific action video.

33 minutes | 400 megs | 18.95

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Video 15 Video 15

Video 15 Video 15

Video 15 Video 15

Video 15 Video 15

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