Joan Wise Classics

::: Treena Collins vs Marie :::

::: by Joan Wise :::

::: Video 17 (VT076) :::

Video 17

The gorgeous Treena goes after the smaller but very spirited Marie. Treena has always enjoyed bullying the smaller femmes, but perhaps will think twice about doing so in the future. Beginning in blouses and skirts, but ending up in only sexy underpants, the two tigresses really go after each other. Fighting for their very lives, clothes are ripped, hair is pulled and violence is the name of the game, as both battlers fight for dominance and supremacy. Finally, the larger, more powerful Treena gains control, although the gallant, smaller girl keeps on struggling, and coming back for more. Marie even gets in some breast smothering, and breast to breast and crotch to crotch action of her own, before the now furious Treena finally uses her bigger body to wear her exhausted opponent down. Now displaying a savage anger and cruelty, the beauty really gives her beaten foe a thorough going over. One painful and inescapable hold after the other, followed by vicious breast and crotch mauling as Treena makes Marie pay dearly for her defiance. Treena is so dominant as she gleefully tortures the smaller girls breasts, and makes her beg to have her stop.

35 minutes | 252 megs | 18.95

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Video 17 Video 17

Video 17 Video 17

Video 17 Video 17

Video 17 Video 17

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