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::: Morgan vs Treena :::

::: by Joan Wise :::

::: Video 2 (VT028) :::

Video 2

This no holds barred fight to the finish comes about after Treena tires of Morgan's taunts about her loss to Allison. And what a fight it is, as there is plenty of rough-housing, slapping, yanking, and straining - enough to satisy the most diehard catfight fans. The New York street-tough Morgan, at 5' 7", 125 lbs., and the California beauty, Treena at 5' 8 1/2", 136 lbs., are intense beyond belief as they are really intent on gaining the upper hand and meting out punishment. Non-stop action, as both girls want to win badly, and it shows. They just keep on fighting as the sounds, grunts, and harsh gasps of air make it obvious that these fighting femmes are knocking themselves out in a fight to the finish. It's only a matter of time as Treena breast-smothers and crotch smothers her demoralized foe, and then pours it on, rendering Morgan helpless, a moaning devastated victim of Treena's obsession of snuffing her out. Fans who have seen it call this a CLASSIC CATFIGHT VIDEO!

32 minutes | 98 megs | 18.95

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Video 2 Video 2

Video 2 Video 2

Video 2 Video 2

Video 2 Video 2

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