Joan Wise Classics -Dominant Women

"The Appointment"

::: Dominant Women - DWM001 :::

Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 699

When you break an appointment, you can only hope that 6' 3" Bunny Glamazon is not involved. Destiny made this mistake and tried to argue her way out. Bunny decides to teach her that you're bound to your word. She accentuates this education by trussing the fair maiden up, using dog collar, chains and ropes. Several pieces of furniture are also enlisted, as are a face mask, candle-wax and some other niceties. However, to prove that she really doesn't need all this equipment to teach somebody good behavior.....she also uses her personal physical assets like breasts and buttocks. Once seen, this video will forever remain etched in your mind.

640 x 480 | WMV | 70 minutes | 612 megs | 18.95

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Video 699 Video 699

Video 699 Video 699

Video 699 Video 699

Video 699 Video 699

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