Joan Wise Classics -Fighting Females

"Slave Fun"

::: Fighting Females - FF683 :::

Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 719

We happily fulfilled a fan's dream in the form of statuesque, voluptuous blonde and her hotter side kick. This is a totally one-sided event, as Amy is incapable of defending herself against the awesome Simone who forces her to endure tit mauling, and long painful headscissors as she methodically vanquisher her smaller foe. Proclaiming "It's fun being a big, powerful woman" and "You are my are going to serve me", Simone has the time of her life devouring Amy's face with her turn-on, shapely ass. Amy is powerless to resist and is forced to beg, crawl, bark, endure painful holds and is lifted and carried like a rag doll. Fans of big v. small domination and facesitting will love this video.

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