Joan Wise Classics -Fighting Females

"No Quik Victory"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 724

Starting off clothed in their thongs, there's no love lost as the two girls tear into each other each vying for an early upper hand. A quick victory is not in the cards, however, as each girl is too tough to be beaten so easily. There's a lot of good give and take as each girl manages to do some damage to their opponent. Eventually things look as if the match is becoming pretty one-sided, but the girl who is being beaten comes back again and again and manages to dish out some serious hurt to her opponent. When one girl injures her wrist she becomes enraged and flies at the other girl in a rage. Fueled by her pain and anger, her ferocity takes her opponent by surprise and clinches her victory. The fight finally ends with one girl in tears, utterly defeated, sobbing on the mat. This is a good fight, with plenty of hard slapping, chokes, and scissor holds. A scissors fan will certainly not be disappointed.

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Video 724 Video 724

Video 724 Video 724

Video 724

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