Joan Wise Classics -Dominant Women

"Slave Love"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 725

Mistress Harrah walks into the room and stands over her slave’s prone body, and steps on her face, demanding that the slave lick the bottom of her shoes. This goes on for a while, as the slave needs to prove herself worthy to "lick and kiss" her mistress, but must start at her feet. Mistress Harrah, then proceeds to face sit her slave treating her roughly, always making certain that the slave’s nose and mouth are jammed into the crack of her ass, or her crotch, all the while verbally taunting and abusing her. Harrah uses her slave's face as a seat throughout this video, with front and rear sitting being used at will, and with great pleasure to the Mistress.

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Video 725 Video 725

Video 725 Video 725

Video 725

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