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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 726

Black-haired Beauty and hot blonde Honey get into an argument. What better way to settle it than a fight on the mat. Clothes are shed in the blink of an eye until the wrestling becomes fully nude. These two dynamite ladies know how to apply scissor holds, nelsons, breast smothers, and cunt suffocations. They abound as these two tangle with no holds barred. There is crotch grabbing, tit mauling, and all sorts of erotic moves. Each takes a turn at humiliating her opponent. But finally the fight falls onto the bed. From there on the wrestling gets more and more erotic until female lust takes over. A great encounter with a hot, steamy, erotic ending.and asses get it on.

640 x 480 | WMV |23 minutes | 268 megs | $16.95

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Video 726 Video 726

Video 726 Video 726

Video 726

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