"Dynamic Submission"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 737

Mark is mean, and likes to hurt women, and tries hisbest to defeat Shelia, and for a while the outcome is in doubt, as the fight goes back and forth. He makes the grave error of squeezing her nipples, and now really infuriated, she goes to town on him, as her long, strong legs apply painful bodyscissors, and inescapable headscissors, and she humiliates her cocky hated male rival, as she uses her huge, gorgeous boobs to smother the life out of him. She also shows she loves torturing a male's private parts, as she grabs, twists and yanks his nude and very vulnerable cock and balls. What we have next is a dynamite submission to a devastating combination headscissors, and cock torture. Now, driven wild by her own success, and victory over her hated male challenger, gorgeous Stella will drive you wild, as she puts on a sensational display of nude face-sitting which must be seen, as she rides his face for an eternity with her incredible ass.

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Video 737 Video 737

Video 737 Video 737

Video 737

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