"Jaguar Face-Smothering Tape - 3 "

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 750

Featuring: Devon, Bianca, Noelle, Brandi, Ruth, Cindy, Tracy, Francesca, Margo, Amber, Tori, Alexis, Kim, Michelle, Monica, Sabrina, Diana, Sarah, Stella, Lexi, Sabre

The video you have been waiting for is finally here. Nothing but face-sitting highlights from topless and nude catfights, wrestling domination, and smothing videos. You'll thrill to the super turn-on highlights from Jaguar videos 78 through 93, as many of your favorite lades do what they do best, and enjoy most. Once again our incredible Jaguar women will prove how awesome they are, and if you're looking for wrestling, catfighting, wrestling domination, and face-smothering at its very best, you'll be sure to order lots of Jaguar videos. Turn on to the face-sitting talents of Tori, Missy, Monica, Beth, Lexi, Nancy, Devon, Alexis, Michelle, Becky, Tracy, Shannon, Taylor, April, Sidney, Kimberly, Ruth, Sabra, Tesa, Cindi, Bianca, Sabrina, Francesca, Diana, Noelle, Sara, Kim, Amber, Brandi, and Stella as they do a job on each other, as well as other male victims such as Rocky, Kenny, and Damien.

720 x 480 | WMV |45 minutes | 752 megs | $18.95

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Video 750 Video 750

Video 750

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