"Gleeful Abuse"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 777

Gleeful and yet super cruel, this gorgeous, tough woman warrior breaks down and takes apart Maurice. Nicole is no slouch in the wrestling department and her well applied holds immobilize and hurt him, who continues to fight for his life. Painful head scissors, punishing cock and ball torture, hand over mouth smothering, punching, kicking, and more as Nikki weakens her hated challenger. She is further enraged as the jerk yanks her hair, and she puts her finger into his asshole and hurts the hell out of him. She now rides his nose with her cunny and ass. Our vicious heroine is off to the races! She also loves to use her feet, and kicking and trampling now become the name of the game. She forces him to remain on his back and spread his legs, and she nearly murders her whimpering victim as she tortures his nude cock and balls. Brandishing her beloved and trusty whip, Nicole whips Maurice hard as she gleefully turns herself on. The defeated male is now forced to lick, kiss and pleasure Nikki's feet, as then her crotch and ass, as his head is yanked into the goregeous lady's crotch. Sheis vicious as she rams her fist up her devastated victim's ass and hurts him beyond description.

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Video 778 Video 778

Video 778

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