"Blonde Fury"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 777

These magnificent blonde look-alikes are sexy as hell and what a turn-on as they collide. Although smaller than her hated opponent, hot, hot Alecia neither gives nor asks for any quarter as a fierce struggle rages. Intense wrestling and catfighting, head scissors, body scissors, hair pulling, and steamy breast to breast and crotch to crotch action and more are used. Each figher is super determined and wants to win badly, but the victor is simply too much woman and earns her victory witha brutal body scissors. Proving blondes do have more fun, these warriors test each other to the limit. Once her victory is earned, the vicious conquerer ravages her whimpering victim. Pussy torture, tit torture, forced kissing and feet and breast licking, and even some turn-on kissing ensues. The loser's wide open nude pussy will drive fans wild as her delicious cunny is alternately mauled and gently fondled. Super face sitting, passionate kissing, and then the very turned on warriors rub and grind all over each other's hot and primed bodies. An awesome video!

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Video 779 Video 779

Video 779 Video 779

Video 779

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