"Beautiful Cat Fighting"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 784

Lisa Marie uses her tits like a second set of arms to slap Raven’s face. “Take a good look, baby.” Raven gets plenty of good looks and spends most of her time with her back on the mat. There are scissors, headlocks, super sexy crotch to crotch action, tit smothering, leg splits and hair smothering. Raven’s hair style comes out completely. Her long black tresses become a set mop. The bodies of both ladies are glistening with sweat. Lisa Marie drags Raven around by the hair, kicks her and forces her head into her crotch from a standing position. There is terrific domination and face sitting as Lisa Marie rides Raven’s face froward and backward. Raven hates it but she’s helpless to resist. “Good-bye girl.” Raven’s identity gets lost under Lisa Marie’s shapely, totally bare body in this vintage all nude, all-out catfight between two beautiful women.

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Video 785 Video 785

Video 785 Video 785

Video 785

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