"Sensational OutDoor Face Sitting"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 792

Fan favorite, big-titted, sexy Francesca takes on lovely Lynn Monroe, in an effort to prove supremacy. The outdoor setting is spectacular, and wrestling, fighting, hairpulling, hurtful headscissors, schoolboy pins, tit grabbing, pussy mauling, and suffocating breast smothers, all become the modus operandi, as each battler gets her chance to punish her opponent. After a long struggle, in which one lady appears on the verge of defeat, after being worked over by her rival's pussy and ass, a sudden reversal occurs, and the gallant warrior mounts her own fierce attack, leading to a face-sitting submission, and as the loser flails her wide open legs and crotch, she is forced into a sensational reverse headscissors. Then complete submission, as first the victor punishes her with sensational face-sitting, and she is then forced into torrid kissing, and pussy licking until she has satisfied all of her conqueror's whims. .

640 x 480 | WMV |23.00 minutes | 268 megs | $17.95

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Video 793 Video 793

Video 793 Video 793

Video 793

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