"Fighting Menage A Trois"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 795

Three dynamite fighting females destroy bully Angela--it just doesn't get any better than this! Angela has long hated sexy young Candi and has often giver her brutal beatings. Once again, she is wickedly destroying and punishing Candi--humiliating her verbally, viciously sitting on her face, mauling her private parts and using all of the dirty tactics she is known for. But Angela is out of luck today. Gorgeous Tori and Nikki come upon the scene and, with scores of their own to settle, decide it is now payback time. They totally turn the tables on Angela, gleefully and cruelly making good on their promise to help Candi exact her revenge. They work the nasty Angela over, ripping her clothes off, crushing her head and face with their asses, tits and powerful legs. Much of the time Nikki and Tori immobilize the struggling Angela, allowing the hot as hell Candi to have her way with her evil tormentor. It's all here--wedgies, armbars, headscissors, fierce tit-biting, brutal pussy torture, hand spanking, and facesitting. It is amazing how much torture Angela can endure. There is no safe haven for tough girl Angela, but to her credit, she struggles valiantly with the heart of a tigress.

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Video 795 Video 795

Video 795 Video 795

Video 795

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