"Big Titty Cat Fighting"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 798

Turn-on huge-titted women, Carly and Teddi pitted (and titted) against each other, and the confrontation begins with steamy tit fighting as they maul, rub, grind, squeeze, smother and batter each other with their big boobs. Painful, inescapable scissors followed by dynamite bodies in hot breast to breast and crotch to crotch action, and the battlers now show they also know how to use their super asses to advantage, as cunnies and derrieres are rubbing and grinding on faces and nearly causing suffocation. After lots of give and take, a victor emerges, and "eat my pussy" becomes her mantra, as the ladies are fully turned on to each other and erotic becomes the name of the game. The loser must oblige, and so turned on are the warriors that mutual orgasms are achieved as the lovemaking escalates. A wild video!

640 x 480 | WMV |15 minutes | 176 megs | $15.95

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Video 798 Video 798

Video 798 Video 798

Video 798

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