"Taming of the Wimp!"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 803

Bruce is a slim wimp and in way over his head. Not only is turn-on Jessica half again as heavy as he is, but she has the ability to wear him out but good. With his size, Bruce should have known better than get on the mat with Jessica. She is fleshy and has large, meaty legs and thighs. If Bruce had any idea that Jessica couldn't handle him, she quickly dispelled that notion. With scissors, bodypresses, and ample breast smothers she has Bruce under control from the minute they hit the mat until she finally renders him humiliated and unconscious. This is a perfect example of how a wimp can be beaten and humiliated by a female without too much wrestling experience. As we said in the beginning, he never should have tried.

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Video 803 Video 803

Video 803 Video 803

Video 803

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