Luscious Sensual Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 808

Possessing a face and a body to die for, and an attitude to match, famous starlet Carly Sparks has the time of her life as she trounces erstwhile Jim. Looking so prim and proper as the battle begins, big-titted Carly shows she is refined and ladylike, but can certainly behave like an animal when forced to. Terrific verbal domination as she tortures and humiliates Jim together with painful head scissors and crushing face-sitting, and before long the gorgeous lady has completely taken away her victim's identity. Not through by a long shot, the gleeful warrior uses her feet to stand and walk on Jim and make him worship her feet.. After using her ample boobs to nearly smother the life out of her hopeless victim, she then works his private parts over with both her hands and derriere (what a sight) and finishes him off with more super full-weight facesitting. You'll love this luscious new Fighting Femme.

720 X 480 | WMV |22:21 minutes | 213 megs | $18.95

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Video 808 Video 808

Video 808 Video 808

Video 808

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