Animal Cannibal Smothering

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 812

Huge, strong, torrid Anita Cannibal takes delight in taking down her victim. Dynamite looking, with incredible huge, shapely tits, ass and thighs to die for, and she has an attitude to match. Its a pure treat to watch this magnificent lady make good on her promise to smother, crush, humiliate and use her victim. So turned on by her power over the smaller, helpless Jim, Cannibal delights in masturbating herself and its only the beginning. Her huge tits smother and nearly suffocate her victim, and next she places her dynamite derriere all over his face and rubs, grinds and crushes him. Cannibal then forces Jim to lick and kiss her boots, punishes his private parts with her now shiny boots, forces him to worship her ass, and tits, and then applies a lethal head scissors. To complete the ultimate ass-kicking, the outrageous Cannibal finishes her victim off with inescapable, suffocating front and rear nude face sitting, and if that is not enough, stands, walks, and tramples the half-dead Jim with her full weight.

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Video 812 Video 812

Video 812 Video 812

Video 812

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