Turn on Sexy Warriors Part 1

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 813

Two of the most turn-on, sexy warriors ever lock up in an awesome fight to determine who is the better woman! Violent, painful wrestling and fighting as this war escalates and reaches a fever pitch. Two women with tits, ass and faces to die for giving their all. Lots of incredible body scissor and headscissor submissions; sexy body-to-body wrestling; painful hairpulling lingering schoolboy pins and then awesome domination as the battle becomes one-sided. The victor is magnificent as she delights in torturing and hurting her sexy victim. Superdomination and then a surprise as the nearly destroyed fighter somehow summons the strength to gain the upper hand and face-sits her foe for what seems to be an eternity...

720 X 480 | WMV |17.01 minutes | 199 megs | $15.99

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Video 813 Video 813

Video 813 Video 813

Video 813

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