Beauty and the Beast

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 828

Scarlet is stunning, and has tits, ass, and a body to die for. Rock is a gorgeous hunk who in a fair fight is too much for Scarlet to handle. But Scarlet realizes quickly that she'd better use her assest and overpower him sexually if not with her muscles. The sexy lady has had enough of Rock's mach act and grabs his balls and dick, and now she has the upper hand (literally) and pins him wigh her pussy, tit smothers him, and tortures him in a sensual manner, as she uses every inch of her fabulous body to prove her point. Not content to concede defeat, the young Adonis grabs Scarlet's tits, overpowers her for a while, and even attempts to tsit on her face. Once last gasp, one last private part grabbing and squeezing and it's once again Scarlet's ball game. A very erotic, sexy video with a gorgeous Scarlet nude and Rock in a tiny bikini, and if ever a sexier looking creature has done a nude wrestling domination and facesitting video we haven't seen it. More for fans of erotic wrestling than those of all-out intense action.

640 X 480 | WMV |20:55 minutes | 134 megs | $17.99

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Video 828 Video 828

Video 828 Video 828

Video 828

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