Utter Male Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 829

One of the hottest of bodies stark naked is fan favorite Alecia Ames. No slouch in the wrestling department, the aggressive and mean sex kitten destroys her hated victim, as she employs painful holds, and torturous headscissors which leave Wally on the brink of disaster. Not content to just hurt him, Alecia does a thorough job of dominating and humiliating her beaten foe, as well placed vicious kicks hit vital areas, and other cruel tactics heighten her glee. As if this video needed more to be classic, we view torrid Alecia in as punishing and sexy face sitting as we could desire, as she plants her gorgeous ass squarely on her victims head and rubs, grinds and pumps him into oblivion. Great face sitting both wearing panties as well as nude. A terrific video treat.

720 X 480 | WMV |16:24 minutes | 164 megs | $15.99

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Video 829 Video 829

Video 829 Video 829

Video 829

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