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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 834

Tori and Sidney are two gorgeous females--one blonde, the other dark haired. Both are terrific and relentless wrestlers. To pit them against each other was to insure fireworks that would send your passions skyrocketing and send your desires exploding. From the minute that these two lock in the first hold up to the moment that one leaves the other beaten, exhausted, and humiliated on the mat, it is non-stop action. You will have to see for yourself how hard, how intense, how all-out the wrestling--otherwise you would not believe it. Headscissors, headlocks, full nelsons, bodyscissors, hammerlocks, super face-sitting, breast smothers, follow one upon another, with no breaks, no breathers—the length of total intensity is awesome. But the strict wrestling skills are not enough for these two wildcats. Throughout there is spanking, slapping, and brutal hair-pulling. Crotches and breasts are grabbed. Finger crotch holds are applied. Four letter words fly with every few holds. The erotic ending and what they do with each other at the end is too erotic to put on paper, but is as exciting as anything you've seen. These females are not only great wrestlers, but females that are erotic beyond belief.

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Video 834 Video 834

Video 834 Video 834

Video 834

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