Black Stockinged Blonde Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 844

This Black Stockinged Blonde is powerful, cruel, and will stop at nothing to take apart, destroy, and ruin a male challenger. Nicolette brings lots of street fighting experience to this match up, and combining her sheer strength, and nasty attitude, really fuck up Ricardo. Big, powerful thighs, and a huge ass, engulf Ricardo and hurt him. Slapping and punching her hated male foe viciously drives her yet more berserk, and next she places her great ass on his battered face, all the while grabbing, squeezing, and brutally hurting his cock and balls. Nicolette delights in humiliating Ricardo, and spits all over his face, shoves her tits in his mouth, and once again destroys his private parts.

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Video 844 Video 844

Video 844 Video 844

Video 844

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