Becky's Nude Annhilation

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 847

Blonde, beautiful young Becky is hugely pissed at young, slender and cocky Benny. To incur the sexy lady's wrath is not a wise idea, as Benny soon learns. Becky is strong, athletic, mean, and determined, and is having the time of her life as she removes her clothes and punishes the jerk with her strong legs, uses her gorgeous tits to apply a smothering peach press, and ignores his pleas of surrender. A terrific job of annihilating a hated male foe, and you'll be as breathless as poor Benny when you see for yourself the super job of nude face-sitting the talented young lady does on her victim, as both dynamite front and rear sitting becomes the name of the game.

640 X 480 | WMV |22:30 minutes | 118 megs | $18.99

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Video 847 Video 847

Video 847 Video 847

Video 847

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