Thunder Thigh Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 851

Powerfully built (5'7", 148lbs) super strong and mean, is the furious blonde European as she determines to make Jim regret he ever crossed her path. Inga's huge thighs, big ass and tits all combine to take her rival apart, as she entraps, engulfs and gleefully tortures the poor asshole. After using her thunder thighs to destroy his head and make him give up repeatedly, and hurting him badly with her vice-like scissors holds, cruel Inga leaves no doubt as to how much she enjoys the task at hand, as she now verbally abuses, torments, and dominates her victim. This victorious lady next pulls his head into her sexy crotch, and has her way with him. The very powerful blonde literally almost kills her foolish challenger, as she takes his breath away, and almost suffocates him to death in an unbelievable facesitting display. When Inga proclaims, "I'd love to do this all over again one day," you know she means it.

640 X 480 | WMV |18:09 minutes | 195 megs | $14.99

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Video 851 Video 851

Video 851 Video 851

Video 851

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