Gorgeous Warriors Collide

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 879

Just when you think you've seen the best, we top it, as magnificent warriors Nikki Steele and Bianca (also known as Eve), collide in as sensational a match as wev'e ever seen. Each woman is drop dead gorgeous and proves she will fight to the death. It's ultimate war as painful wrestling holds are exchanged and awesome scissors submissions are registered until the loser cries from the pain and cruelty. Painful haripulling, punishing tit and pussy mauling, stomping, sexy breast to breast and crotch to crotch action--it's all here in this awesome battle. Turned on by her dominance over her victim, the victorious fighter becomes even meaner, as she pays no heed to the loser's cry for release, and places her magnificent ass and cunny on the losers face and proceeds to ride her into semi-consciousness. What a super video and a must view for facesitting fans.

640X480 | WMV 21:32 minutes | 223 megs | $18.95

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Video 879 Video 879

Video 879 Video 879

Video 879

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