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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 889

Thrill to the sights and sounds of torrid Latina spitfire Claudia showing her wrestling, fighting and lovemeaking talents as she captures, captivates and sexually exhausts Jim. After thoroughly trouncing Jim, super-sexy Claudia rubs and grinds her gorgeous body and ass all over his prone body and turns herself on. Like a cat in heat, Claudia can't stop now, and placing her incredible ass on his face, makes Jim lick her pussy until she is wild with passion. Getting hotter by the second, Claudia grabs Jim's rock-hard member and sucks for all she's worth and finally explodes as "69" becomes the name of the game.. Truly a breakthrough video, and one you will not want to miss!.

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Video 889 Video 889

Video 889 Video 889

Video 889

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