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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 906

Two magnificent looking ladies tangle: blonde beauty, Stella from France, and dark haired temptress, Christina from Israel. Bodies to die for, tits and ass to drive you wild, and desire to do each other in, make for a real treat. Clothes are ripped off, revealing awesome nude bodies, pussies and boobs are grabbed and mauled, hair is painfully pulled, and vice-like full-nelson bodyscissors are applied as the battle rages. Wide open crotches, gorgeous cunnies inviting and exposed, and super breast smothering, and breast to breast and crotch to crotch action as each girl gives as good as she takes. Just when it appears the victor is determined, a stunning reversal occurs, as a sensationol headscissor submission is gained, and is the winning battler mean as she really enjoys the fruits of her hard earned victory, and she hurts her hated rival as she punishes her nipples, tits, and pussy, and even face-sitting, as she rides her victim's face to her heart's (and ass' ) content. The valiant loser begs, pleads, and cries but to no avail as she is made to serve her conqueror by licking her all over, and each girl gives as good as she receives in tbe sex department as well, as orgasms are achieved through turn-on kissing, and pussy licking.

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Video 906 Video 906

Video 906 Video 906

Video 906

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